A GDC 2016 talk by Martin Stig Andersen from PlayDead, about the audio system in there new game Inside.  They previously made Limbo, and Martin uses this to talk about the successes and failures made in Limbo that they wanted to improve on.

The goal was to create a game were the audio was more context aware.  This would allow smoother death-respawn transitions, sound conducting in-game actions and audio driven gameplay.  There are some great examples of each of these, and also how not having these features detracts from immersion.

One key point is that this needs to be considered early on in the development process.  The core game engine tech needs to be written and structured in a way that allows for the audio to more tightly integrate and control other game systems.

The last example in the video shows just how effective it can be, and hopefully will serve to inspire others to more closely consider the audio-visual synergy and how it can add to the gameplay experience.