A Closer Look at a Spinlock   hackernews

HackerNews : A Closer Look at a Spinlock

I haven't heard of a spinlock enforcing FIFO access before, seems like a neat

The previous submission has a bit more discussion.
[2023-06-05 Mon]

Notes apps are where ideas go to die   hackernews

HackerNews : Notes apps are where ideas go to die

Makes me think about digital gardens. Rather than trying to capture everything
perfectly it's more about capturing and then later reviwing and refining. Much
the same as tending to a garden, plants need to be trimmed and weeds need to be
[2023-06-02 Fri]

devdocs.el   emacs

devdocs.el seems like a super useful offline documentation viewer for Emacs.
[2023-05-31 Wed]

ADCx   audio

ADCx was yesterday, a recording of the stream is available on YouTube.
[2023-05-16 Tue]