September 23rd, 2020


I use Emacs quite a bit. It's not to everyone's taste, and that's fine. I use org mode for task tracking and keeping notes. For coding I use a mixture of Emacs and Visual Studio, a bit clunky but it's my preference.


These are some Emacs packages that I use and would recommend.

Org Mode

I use Org mode exensively to keep track of tasks and keep notes.

Org mode website


Projectile will treat a folder containing a .git folder as a project. I mainly use Projectile for the file opening support.

Projectile Github


This is not an extensive tutorial. It is a collection of tips and hints for things I've struggled with, or often forget.


Files and folders can be ignored by specifying them in a .projectile file in the root folder. e.g. -/source/intermediate

I had some problems with string-trim, which was solved by adding ( require 'subr-x ) to my init.el file.


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